Factory Operation


At Chenson, we had mastery the whole procedure. Such as cultivation, processing, packaging, production and sales, we are using a systematic formula to supply the best products for consumers.

Sarawak, Malaysia had a very strategic location. Whether and environment here is suitable for growing herbs. To maintain the quality of botanical raw material, Chenson had cultivated its own plantations at Siburan, Muara Tuang, Lundu, Serian and other places. In order to ensure the natural and least in the case of pollution growth, Chenson had using the waste of plants as a natural organic fertilizer. Chenson had minimized usage of chemical fertilizer in our plantation to ensure the plant growth in the most excellent care and also reduce environmental pollution caused by chemical fertilizers.


The most basic element to produce a products is the raw materials. though this, Chenson had put a lot of effort to ensure the quality and source of our raw material. we had using a systematic process to control the process. After the collection of the harvest plant, cleaning and drying and vacuum-packed collection, we had our quality control officer on each link to ensure the quality. in addition, Chenson had using a kind of special high density and quality of vacuum bag to packaged to make sure that the raw material can be stored for at least two years.

The water content of plants is more than 80% and the humid and rainy weather of Malaysia cause the plant drying process become the most time-consuming process. To solve the problem, Chenson had special ordered a Continuous Tunnel Microwave Drying and Steriling Machine which is the only one in Malaysia. Now, though this advanced equipment, Chenson’s production will greatly enhance to satisfy the need of the consumer. In addition, compare with the natural sun drying or tube drying process, which will damage the nutrition and ingredients of botanical, the advanced equipment will ensure that the consumer can enjoy an excellent botanical tea.

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The size and shape of botanical is different, so the process of mixing will cause the problem of different amount of ingredient. To reduce this problem, Chenson had order an Form Fill Seal Atomatic Packaging Machine. Through the computer settings and distribution of all varieties of raw materials, the amount of ingredient will be control to ensure that consumer can enhoy the best of botanical tea.


Chenson’s new factory design is according and following the standard of ISO22000 which had using a systematic procedure and stage to produce our product. With this, the management can control each step of the production and the manufacturing of the products will be increase and the probability of error will be the lowest.

Hygiene is the most important aspect for food industry. Chenson had ensured the procedure of the production is on a highly hygienic production environment. Before entering the factory, the employee need to be disciplined, to follow all the ruler including to wear gloves, uniforms and wear a mask, to ensure the risk of product contamination.

In addition, as a product which is suitable for Muslim, we strictly abide the standards of HALAL. We produce our products which are following the rulers and regulation, to meet the standard, of HALAL.