Cat’s Whisker Tea

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A natural botanical drink that can helps to improve health and suitable for all.

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Cat’s Whisker Tea is inherit from ancient formula and it consists of 100% natural herbs such as Orthosiphon Aristatus and with premium grade Green Tea. This natural botanical tea can help our body to maintain and balanced the harmonious of various systems and it is suitable for all. Try it today and you will feel the different!


Cat’s Whisker Tea Effects

A natural botanical drink that can helps to improve health and suitable for all. Formulated after years of research, test and experience. The effects include:

1. Removes toxin
2. Prevents Diabetes
3. Improves Urinary System
4. Prevents Kidney Problem
5. Prevents High Blood Pressure
6. Reduces Cholesterol and fat
7. Reliefs and reduces body heat
8. Improves immunity system
9. Slow down aging process and helps maintain youth
10. Reduces Uric Acid



  • Diabetic and High Blood Pressure patient and advised to drink 2 to 3 bag daily and you will feel the difference. (If the problem persist, please see a doctor).
  • For obesity, drink 3 to 5 tea bag daily and make it thicker/stronger. You will see the results after 2 to 3 month if u take it consequently.
  • For smokers, you are advice to drink it regularly to reduce the nicotine effect that is harmful toour health.


Good Results

At first, you will experience frequent urinating and this will be back to normal. (Cat’s Whisker Tea is 100% natural and it is healthy drink that can be take daily)



Orthosiphon Aristatus, Silver Needle, Camellia Sinensis



Place teabag in a mug, infuse 250ml boiled water into it, wait for Five minutes and it is ready to drink.



Serving size: 2.5 gram

AmountPer 100 servingPer serving
Energy0.5kcal (2kJ)1kcal
Saturated Fat0.01g0.07g
Dietary Fiber0.08g0.32g
Sodium (as Na)0.36mg0.90mg
CholesterolNot DetectedNot Detected

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